Corrosion Block Facts

1. Can CB be used on electrical connections, and electronic connections?  Absolutely. It's made for that.

2. Yes, CB can be safely used on the following and 100s more items:   

  • air conditioning parts/coils etc? 
  • outboard motors, inboard motors, jet ski engines, equipment engines?
  • rubber, plastic, vinyl etc.
  • trailer components
  • garden tools and equipment
  • to clean and protect your outdoor grill
  • metal patio furniture components
  • for exterior auto detailing
  • to keep bolts and nuts from corroding
3. How often should CB be reapplied? That depends on where the item to be protected is located. If it's constantly exposed to the elements, CB might be reapplied every 4-6 months. Monitor the item to see if the CB coating is still active and present, and hasn't been deteriorated by water, sun, exposure.

4. Is CB flammable? No, Corrosion Block is non-flammable, and non-toxic if you get it on your skin.

5. How do I remove CB? CB may be removed by washing with a detergent or degreaser.

6. How do I apply the product? CB may be applied to a rag, and then wiped on the item you want to protect. If sprayed on, you only need a thin coating. Don't over use the product.

7. What about outdoor furniture? CB may be applied to outdoor metal furnitaure, statuary, railings, pool enclosure framing. One customer says it stops copper sheeting from tarnishing.

8. When to start using CB? Apply CB to brand new tools and equipment. Don't wait for corrosion/ to be visible. Protect items from the very beginning.

9. I have rusted bolts I need to protect? Nuts and bolts are especially prone to corrosion. CB will prevent that from happening.

10. If bolts are already showing rust, how do I treat them? Ideally, wire brush the rust off the metal as best you can, and then apply a thin layer of CB

11. Will CB harm rubber water hoses on engines? Not at all. It will preserve them. Apply CB to a rag and then wipe the hoses to apply the CB completely. It will prevent them from getting brittle and cracking.

12. How do I protect equipment engines, boat engines etc from corrosion? Simply spray a thin layer of CB on the entire engine (top and bottom) and it's components. Use the 12 oz. aerosol can for a fine mist.

13. Will CB protect my outdoor air conditioning unit? Yes. Apply CB with aerosol spray or with a rag. You can also use it on the coils.

14. Outboard motors-take the cover off and apply a light spray everywhere to protect the entire engine and components.

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